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You know you are ready to come up with a impressive piece of creative writing if have gathered ideas for your college essay. The piece of college essay you produce depends on what are required to cover. Basically, there are four common categories of college essays help  that you may write: narrative, descriptive, expository and argumentative.

In order to produce quality narrative essays, you will need to stay focused on the facts you are supposed to cover in a logical order. Descriptive writing would require of you to actively utilize emotional and colorful adjectives in emphasizing the issues or objects you describe.

As for argumentative essays, you are essentially required to develop the bone of your argument in the thesis statement to which you will stick throughout the entire writing so as to prove its relevance and validity. Finally, expository wiring often entails the subsequent presentations of events through a wide range of stylistic and other lexical supporting tools. Notwithstanding the type of college essay you are required to produce, however, it is worth noting that you (as the writer) hold the right for your individual reflection and interpretation.

This is often the case because most professors accord you the leeway to choose the argument for discussion in your college essay. That said, you must be aware that choosing a college essay topic is no walk in the park and often demand that you devote significant amounts of time in exploring academic materials so as to settle on the most appropriate topic. Do not fall victim of the lure to start writing your college essay before being sure that you have sufficient ideas related to the thesis that would be definitely analyzed and proved.

It is therefore fair to state that professional college essay writing is a demanding task that requires balanced approach to brainstorming, analysis, as well as written representation of the ideas. You need to be able to talk specifically about each opinion in order to produce an impressive creative output in line with your instructor’s expectations.

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Essay on Insight and Implementation

Insights about Dumb ways to die in Melbourne Australia

The word ‘dumb” actually entail that people die as a result of silly or unavoidable acts which one performs . When this public campaign was launched, it had four primary objectives which it was intended to achieve. The four main objectives include:

  • Enhance public awareness and engagement when it comes to rail safety (there wasn’t enough data to provide a benchmark before the launch of the campaign. The campaign was meant to establish measurable goals when it comes to awareness & engagement)
  • The campaign also sort to create PR, buzz and sharing around messages/information relating rail safety. Despite the fact that the exact Key Performance Indicator (kpi) was not be established, there was some level of expectation that this campaign create conversation around rail safety (Ward, 2015).
  • The campaign also intended to invite a commitment to safety (the founders drew a line in the sand and sought to obtain 10,000 local pledges on its website) in a one year period
  • The last objective of the campaign was to have a decline with regards to near misses and accidents at level crossings and station platforms within one year by 10 %.

The main target of this public campaign is all people from different backgrounds, male and female and rich or poor. Train accidents do not choose who to hit or leave, when it strikes, it hits everyone regardless of their societal standing or class. It is based on this fact that the ad targets everyone. To ensure that this public campaign reaches a wider audience, the organizers of the event have ensured that they become innovative to ensure they attract the attention of the public. Besides this, the organizers have ensured that they use different forms of communication platform. According to Metro Trains, since its launch, the campaign has contributed to over 30% reduction in “near-miss” accidents, from 13.3 near-misses per million kilometers in November 2011 – January 2012, to 9.2 near-misses per million kilometers in November 2012 – January 2013.


The success of any public campaign is pegged on how well its message is crafted, the channel used to pass the message and how the message is presented to the public (Andreasen, 2014, p, 109). The implementation of dumb ways to die in Melbourne Australia was rather unique and different. The founders came up with several techniques to ensure that the message of the campaign is well understood. Some of the techniques used included: the use of games. In 2013, Metro released a “Dumb Ways to Die” game as an app for iOS devices.

The game, invites players to shun dangerous activities engaged in by the different characters featured throughout the campaign. In the app, players can also pledge to “not to carry out dumb activities within the train stations. The activities entails things like getting toast out with a fork and poking a stick at a grizzly bear (Ward, 2015).

The aims of the game is to earn more points through avoiding “dying” in any of the activities. Lives are lost through “dying” in any of the activities. Player has three chances to hinder the characters from dying. The other technique used involved the use of video and songs. The videos and songs were meant to sensitize the public about not doing dumb things within the train stations. The video contained characters who got killed by trains as a result of unsafe behavior. The video was viewed 2.4 million times 2 days after it was released and 4.5 million times after three days. Within fourteen days, the video was viewed 30 million times. In August 2017, the video received more than 150 million viewers (Ward, 2015).

Owing the effectiveness and creativity of this campaign, the campaign won 7 Webby Awards in 2013 including the Best Animation Film & Video and Best Public Service & Activism.

With regards to the 4ps of dumb ways tо die in Melbourne Australia, the product/service being offered here is about educating members of the public about ensuring their safety while in the train station. This campaign/service is presented in various ways through video games, songs and short clips all of which are meant to ensure that the public do not engage in behaviors that endangers their lives while at the train station (Rice, & Atkin, 2013). With regards to price, members of the public are not charged any fee instead these services are presented to them free of charge. The founders of the campaign are the one who incur charges in terms of developing the video games apps. Members of the public can access this video games by downloading them.

When it comes to the aspect of promotion, the founders have used several channels to ensure that their message reaches majority of the population. Some of the ways in which the promotion has been carried out include, the use of animated videos and which are later on uploaded on YouTube. Other platforms which have been used involve the use of social media networks and the use of TV. With regards to place, the campaign are mostly situated within the train station. Short clips are played within the train station so as to encourage people not to engage in risky behaviors.

The communication strategies/tactics used involve the use of animated videos, video games and songs. The animated videos and games are meant to inform the public about how certain dangerous behaviors can endanger their lives hence the need for them to be safe. The communication plan entails targeting people who use train services (Narasimha, 2010). The communication entails educating the public on desisting from engaging in dangerous behaviors. Moreover, the communication is mostly situated within the train station and can be downloaded from the app store in terms of video games. The campaign was meant to be an ongoing thing until there will be no cases of train accidents as a result of dangerous behaviors. The materials used in the campaign involve the use of animated videos and songs and whose main concept was to show people how dangerous behaviors may endanger ones life.


Andreasen, A. R. (2014). Social marketing: Its definition and domain.

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 13(1), 108-114.

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